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Welcome to the PuriFlate information and Customer Care Club Service Site.
PuriFlate is dedicated to helping you enjoy the extraordinary benefits of high purity nitrogen tire inflation and our Customer Care Club. Inflating and maintaining your tires with PuriFlate can:
  · Increased Fuel Economy by 10%
  · Increased Tire Life by 50%
  · Decrease the Chance of a "Blow-Out" by 80%
  · Improve Handling and Braking
  · Eliminate Interior Wheel Corrosion
  · Reduce your Carbon Foot Print
PuriFlate is an ultra-high purity, inert, nitrogen inflation gas that replaces the air in your vehicle's tires. As an inert gas, PuriFlate is free of the water vapor, contaminants and corrosives, as well as the oxygen, found in regular compressed air. By eliminating these harmful elements, PuriFlate eliminates the corrosion, oxidization and rot that afflicts all air filled tires and wheels. Perhaps most importantly, PuriFlate has a much larger molecular structure, by almost 400%, than the oxygen in compressed air, meaning PuriFlate filled tires don't lose pressure through permeation like air filled tires, and maintain their optimum operating pressure much longer.

Maintaining your tires with PuriFlate should be the foundation of your vehicle care program and your PuriFlate dealer is committed to helping you realize the benefits and savings this simple regime will provide.
  The PuriFlate Customer Care Club
Your FREE membership in the PuriFlate Customer Care Club is an expression of the confidence we have in our tire inflation program and a gift from your PuriFlate dealer for doing your part to keep your vehicle properly maintained, conserve fuel and help keep our planet green.
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